What are VRM Avatars & where can you use them?

Guillaume Chichmanov
August 16, 2023

The metaverse is expanding rapidly, with more people jumping into virtual worlds every day. As we spend more time in these immersive environments, our digital identities become increasingly important. This is where VRM avatars come in.

VRM stands for Virtual Reality Modeling. A VRM avatar is a 3D model of a person that can be imported into many metaverse platforms. VRM avatars are highly customizable, allowing you to create a digital representation of yourself to use across the metaverse.

Why Use a VRM Avatar?

There are several key benefits to using a VRM avatar:

– Personalization – VRM avatars allow you to design an avatar that truly reflects your personality and preferences. You can adjust features like hair, skin tone, clothing, and more.

– Consistency – With a VRM avatar, you can maintain the same look across different virtual worlds and metaverse platforms. This helps you build a recognizable personal brand.

Expression – VRM avatars enable more human-like expression and body language. This enhances communication and connection in the metaverse.

Accessibility – Unlike 2D picture avatars, VRM models allow viewing from all angles just like interacting with a person. This accessibility opens the metaverse to more users.

Creating Your VRM Avatar

The first step in using a VRM avatar is creating your 3D model. There are a few options for this:

Avatar creation platforms – Services like Ready Player Me allow you to easily build a custom VRM avatar. You can choose your features, adjust body type, and select outfit options.

3D modeling software – For more customization, programs like VRoid Studio, Blender, and Unity allow you to model avatars from scratch. This takes more time and skill but offers limitless personalization.

3D scans – Some services can scan your real-life body to generate a VRM avatar replicating your features and size. This creates a digitally accurate representation of you. This option usually doesn’t deliver perfect results and it is still early to rely 100% on 3D scans.

– Artist commissions – You can hire 3D artists like Cominted Labs to design and create a fully custom VRM avatar based on your preferences.

Where can you use your VRM Avatar

Here are a few example where you can use your VRM Avatar. This is a non-exhaustive list and not the full list! VRM avatars are quickly becoming the format of choice for many metaverse & 3D platforms.

Spatial: Upload your VRM to join meetings and events in VR, desktop or mobile.

–  Oncyber: Explore virtual art galleries and events with your own custom VRM avatar.

Hyperfy: Hyperfy is another great platform that supports VRM avatars. It is a metaverse creation tool that allows anyone to build customized virtual worlds.

Mona: Monaverse is a decentralized virtual world focused on user-generated content, creativity, and social connection. In your Monaverse profile, you can link to your VRM file hosted on IPFS or a compatible hosting service.

Animaze: Animaze is a vtuber tool. It has integrated support for uploading VRM files and using them as your avatar representation.

Optimizing Your VRM Avatar

Once you’ve created your avatar file, there are a few steps to optimize it for use across the metaverse:

– Keep your file size reasonable – Large complex models can cause performance issues. Try to keep your VRM file under 5MB.

– Check avatar rigging – Make sure body and facial movements are properly configured. Test your avatar’s expressions.

– Add Visemes for speech – Visemes allow your avatar’s lips and mouth to move realistically during speech. This improves communication.

– Configure materials and shaders – Properly setup materials for clothing, eyes, hair, and skin for the best look across platforms.

– Test avatar in multiple environments – Import your avatar into various metaverse platforms to ensure proper display and functionality everywhere.

– VRM avatars provide a new level of personal representation and expression in the metaverse. As virtual worlds evolve, your VRM avatar will allow you to maintain a consistent identity while interacting in this new digital frontier.

Bring your digital vision to life with Cominted Labs. Our team of talented 3D artists and animators will work closely with you to create a custom VRM avatar that captures your unique personality and style. With affordable pricing and a focus on quality, we make virtual content creation accessible for any budget. Let’s bring your avatar dreams into reality! Send us your brief at info@comintedlabs.io or book a call through ourcontact form.

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