Petaverse Mint Day is Coming Soon

Jared Wolf
May 25, 2022

GM Cominted Fam! What a week we have ahead of us. The Petaverse NFT whitelist is now closed and our batch 1 Mint Day is coming soon. More details to come so stay tuned.

In other news, the fast market dip has flattened a bit as more projects aim to redefine their utility in the wild world of web3.

First, a Quick Cominted Update

That’s right. The whitelist is now closed and the first Petaverse Mint Day for the Genesis NFT collection is approaching fast. If you completed our gleam campaign, please check your email inbox today and tomorrow to see if you earned a whitelist spot!

Our Mint Date will be announced sometime in the coming days on Twitter and Discord. Check for more info on the drop.

What’s Hot in NFTs?

Web3 and NFT Conferences!

While the markets are down, it’s good to get out there and invest in yourself. A great way to invest in yourself? Build your network and talk to others in the space.

Last week, there were two major conferences, Permissionless in West Palm Beach and VeeCon in Minnesota. While Permissionless was open to the public, VeeCon, in GaryVee fashion (see FlyFish Club), was only available to VeeFriend token holders.

Exclusivity and access are buzzwords in NFT communities. Still, we can’t help but wonder if there would be more mainstream adoption if these educational events were more accessible to non-Web3 users.

What’s Hot in the Metaverse?

Cannabis and Web3 – it was only a matter of time for some of the two fastest-growing markets to converge… but seemingly, many businesses had the same idea.

We are increasingly seeing more cannabis brands venture into Web3, even setting up shop in the Metaverse. Crypto Cannabis Club, for example, is an organization with over 10,000 NFTokers who receive IRL discounts and meetups.

Would you buy weed in the metaverse?

Number of the Week


= the amount of market value erased from the crypto markets in the last six months.

The selloff was spurred by investors selling risky assets due to macro concerns, including rising interest rates and raging inflation. A perfect storm then transpired when greed and immature technology led to Terra losing its peg to the USD, erasing over $50 billion in value – further spooking investors.

While this crash might be painful for all of us, let’s not forget that there have been numerous crashes of similar magnitude, and the crypto market has always come out stronger and more resilient than before.

Web3 Tool of the Week

At the risk of sounding a bit tone-deaf to current market conditions, be sure to bookmark this website for better days.

Whatsminting allows you to keep track of the most popular NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain and, well… see what’s minting live!

It’s a great tool for catching up on alpha opportunities and recent projects.

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you on Petaverse Mint Day.

‘Til next week,

Cominted Labs

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