Coinbase NFTs take off, highlights from Miami Crypto Week

Jared Wolf
April 13, 2022

What a week in crypto! Coinbase just onboarded more users than OpenSea’s total monthly volume, while Miami Crypto Week brought in tens of thousands of crypto enthusiasts to America’s hottest tech scene.

The market’s finally cooling off after a three-week bull run, but there’s plenty to be excited about. The future of web3 is looking good, as conferences across the world attract massive crowds and tech giants such asApple announce their plans to join the space.

From NFT LA to Miami Bitcoin to Portland ETH and Lisbon NFT, people from all continents are eager to gather IRL and propel the industry forward. With so many teams from all over the globe, it can be tough to stay in the loop, so here’s a glance at what happened last week in web3.

Some quick tidbits in web3 this week:

  • Web2 & Web3 Titans team-up:
  • Apple and MetaMask announced they’d be partnering to integrate Apple Pay into the MetaMask web3 wallet
  • Marketplace Match-up:
  • Opensea unrolled their expansion into the Solana ecosystem, pitting them against one of the other most notable NFT marketplaces, Magic Eden
  • British Empire explores the Metaverse:  
  • The UK government recently announced its intention to release an NFT collection, as well as a stablecoin.
  • Nearly four million (3,701,544) wallets joined the Coinbase NFT waitlist.
  • That’s over three times the number of wallets that have interacted with Opensea.
  • It’s looking like the NFT market is primed to take off yet again (NFA, of course)
  • Fashion and Fitness Hit the Metaverse:
  • Decentraland hosted fashion week, bringing luxury and clothing brands into web3.
  • Exercise to earn projects gained astounding attention, players have been able to profit off exercise while maintaining or increasing token value.
  • Petaverse is now live
  • Get pumped for Cominted Labs’ Petaverse: Custom virtual web3 pets. Made for pet lovers, by pet lovers.
  • Just upload a pic of your best animal fren, and we’ll do the rest

While companies scramble to gain exposure to the burgeoning industry and new projects sprout up each day, we keep track of all the major moves in web3 so you can stay up to date.

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