How to Promote Your Products in the Metaverse

Guillaume Chichmanov
September 22, 2022

Creating a store in the metaverse is a great way to break into a high-growth digital marketing channel and engage with your target market in a more immersive way. If it goes well, you might want to consider selling digital twins of your physical products. Perhaps you’ll even take it a step further and gamify the virtual shopping experience? There are so many different ways to promote your products in the metaverse. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Creating Virtual Product Displays

A Space-Themed Tesla Display in Spatial

Creating an immersive virtual product display is an easy way to get your products into the metaverse. Spatial is one platform that works well for creating virtual product displays. Brands can use Spatial to design their own high-resolution virtual environments aka “spaces”. Spaces can be decorated with virtual frames containing 2D photo and video advertisements, as well as  3D product models. Finished Spaces can be listed as “Public” and “Live” making them discoverable by anybody browsing the Spatial platform.

Brands can create virtual showrooms in the metaverse where consumers can interact with products in three dimensions. For example, a car buyer could enter a car in a virtual showroom, explore its interior features, and even drive it off into the virtual horizon. By simulating real-world product interactions with their products in the virtual world, brands can create more engaging and memorable experiences for consumers.

Creating Digital Twins of your Physical Products

A Tommy Hilfiger Product Display in Decentraland

Another great way to extend your reach in the metaverse is by creating and selling usable digital twins of your physical products. Tommy Hilfiger has already done this successfully by partnering with Ready Player Me to create digital wearables that can be worn by avatars across a wide range of compatible platforms. By creating digital twins of its physical products, Tommy Hilfiger has been able to engage with users across hundreds of different metaverse platforms.

Brands of all shapes and sizes can also design and distribute digital wearables in platforms like Decentraland, Zepeto, and Roblox. Through wearing and using digital items, consumers can more easily imagine what it’s like to own your products in the real world. Data shows that users who get to try digital items are much more likely to buy their physical counterparts, making digital twins a valuable asset in your marketing toolkit.

Creating a Game Featuring Your Products

Chipotle’s Free “Boorito” Promotion In Roblox

Creating a game is a more involved way to drive engagement with your products into the metaverse, but the pay-off can be quite substantial. It’s no secret that games are a key component in driving traffic to the metaverse. Roblox games, which collectively attract more than 50 million daily active users, have already attracted big names like Samsung and Chipotle to create gamified retail experiences. Other metaverse platforms like Decentraland are also ripe with opportunities for gamified product placement.

Several play-to-earn games have already been developed in Decentraland. Many of these games require players to complete a set challenges to earn digital rewards like wearable clothing and accessory items. With the help of a skilled metaverse design team, these games can be transformed into dynamic product experiences that grant consumers access to discounts codes and other tangible rewards. By offering these kinds of gamified incentives to consumers who engage with your products in the virtual world, you can begin to drive demand for your real world products.

At Cominted Labs we routinely work with brands to design metaverse stores, create metaverse-compatible digital twins of physical products, and develop gamified metaverse experiences. Schedule a call to speak with one of our metaverse experts and learn more about displaying, promoting, and selling your products in the metaverse.

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