How to Enter The Metaverse

Guillaume Chichmanov
September 11, 2022

The metaverse is composed of many virtual worlds, each with its own unique system for onboarding new users. There are so many different ways to enter the metaverse. To simplify things, we felt it would be most helpful to select the three most versatile metaverse worlds and dive deeper into the onboarding process for each. The three worlds we’ve chosen to focus on are Decentraland, Spatial, and Roblox.

Dive Into Decentraland!

Decentraland is a decentralized open world that grants users and creators tons of freedom to explore and create. New users can access Decentraland through a browser-based web application or by downloading the Decentraland client application. In order to make the most of your Decentraland experience, you will want to have a cryptocurrency wallet installed. Watch this video to learn how to install the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet.

Logging into Decentraland is super easy. You can access Decentraland directly through your web browser by visiting play.decentraland.org. When signing into Decentraland, you will have the option to choose between “guest login” and “wallet login.” If you choose to log in as a guest, you will have limited access to certain features inside of Decentraland.

After logging into Decentraland for the first time, you will be tasked with customizing your virtual avatar. You can choose from a wide selection of preset features, clothing items, and accessories. If you logged in with your cryptocurrency wallet, you will also be able to customize your avatar using Decentraland-compatible NFT wearables.

When you finish customizing your avatar, you will be teleported to Genesis Plaza, the Decentraland city center. From here you can use the virtual bulletin to join a live event, or teleport to a location in Decentraland by loading your map with the “M” key or using the command “/goto (insert coordinates)”.

Spin Into Spatial!

Spatial is a decentralized platform built by artists for artists. Spatial enables artists to easily create immersive virtual art galleries by selecting from themed presets. Each gallery in spatial is known as a “space.”

Spaces can be accessed individually through a browser-based application on spaital.io. To enter a space all you have to do is click one of the icons on Spatial’s homepage. Once the space loads you will be asked to create a username and then you will be free to explore and interact with other visitors.

If you are an artist looking to build or customize a space in Spatial, you will need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet and approve a request from the Spatial application. Once your wallet is connected you will be able to purchase and customize spaces using the NFT artwork you own.

Ride Into Roblox!

Roblox began as a centralized video game and quickly evolved into a network of gamified worlds. Users visit Roblox worlds to roleplay, earn digital rewards, and interact with each other in fun virtual ways. Unlike Decentraland and Spatial, Roblox requires users to create accounts the old-fashioned way, with a username and password.

To create a Roblox account, you will need to visit Roblox.com. Once you’ve created your Roblox account, you will be redirected to a world selector screen where you can choose from hundreds of different worlds to access and explore. Before entering your first Roblox world, you need to download the Roblox application. This only needs to be done once; then you can easily hop between worlds by visiting the Roblox website home page.

Want to enter the metaverse but not sure where to start? Contact us or sign up for a free metaverse tour and Cominted Labs will walk you through entering a virtual world of your choice and show you the ropes. No need for expensive hardware or huge software downloads. This one is on us 😉

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