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Guillaume Chichmanov
October 7, 2022

Hello Cominted family!

As you may know, one of our core tenants as a brand is to help creators bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds. We are constantly exploring new ways to create and capture value for the web3 creator community.

For the past 6 months, through the Cominted Labs’ agency, we have helped 20+ brands & creators build NFT/metaverse experiences and realized the need for a platform offering a seamless web3 experience for non-crypto natives and bringing collectors closer to creators with phygital experiences!

Today we are proud to finally announce the launch of, the metaverse launchpad of Cominted Labs.

Introducing is a metaverse launchpad for disruptive creators who wish to enter the metaverse. We will launch limited edition NFT drops in collaboration with artists, architects & interior designers who wish to enter the metaverse – Each NFT has utility in the virtual world and unlocks a physical item by the creator!

First Collab: Francisca Oyhanarte

We are excited for our first collab to partner with Francisca Oyhanarte. Francisca is a multidisciplinary artist and Pranic Healer. For her first collection, she created 88 Androgynous with paper cut-outs and assembled them digitally. She used Pranic Healing techniques to energize them in order to bring positive and healing effects ?‍♀️

By collecting an Androgynous NFT, you will earn the right to claim the physical artwork for free (excl. shipping) and receive an avatar for Decentraland!

Our first drop will go live end of October on

Calling All Creators!

The team at Cominted Labs is looking for the next wave of disruptive creators to break into the metaverse. Are you an artist, architect or designer looking to expand your reach in the virtual world? Schedule a call to learn more about getting your work featured on

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