Monthly Update – August

Guillaume Chichmanov
August 28, 2023

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer break! We’re excited to be back with the Cominted monthly updates. In this edition, we’ll recap what we’ve been up to the past few months, our point of view on the current market sentiment, and we’ll give you a sneak peek of what’s to come!

– New milestones in our collaboration with TCG World
– The Crossmint demo in Unreal Engine 5
– We’re now building maps in Fortnite!
– Our latest digital twin real estate project
– We’ve been shortlisted as a “metaverse solution to know” by Constellation research
– Closing thoughts…is the metaverse dead?

New milestones in our collaboration with TCG World

For a year now, we have been the 3D design partner of the metaverse TCG World & SandStorm. Our team at Cominted Labs is designing 120+ playable characters for their upcoming world, turning their 2D concepts into 3D animated assets for Unity.

This project has greatly helped us improve not only our design workflow, but also our expertise with Unity – the platform that will shape the future of the immersive internet! We’re very excited about what is coming with this new metaverse world!

Here’s a sneak peek!

The Crossmint Gaming Demo in UE5

We’ve partnered with Crossmint to produce a demo of their powerful tool that “makes the blockchain invisible in-game”. We built a fun parkour on UE5 and used the Crossmint API to allow gamers to seamlessly mint NFTs in-world and create invisible wallets upon signing up with their email addresses. Watch the demo here

Digital Twin Real Estate Project

Our team has produced a promotional video in UE5 for a real estate development client. For this project we had to design a high-fidelity digital twin of a building & create an animated video to promote the upcoming off-plan property sale of the client. Showcasing digital twins is an effective strategy for real estate developers to sell off-plan properties faster and increase conversion rate with engaging 3D virtual tours. Watch a short preview here. If you’re looking to create a digital twin for your real estate project, make sure to visit this page to learn more about our services!

We’re now building in Fortnite!

For the past couple of months, we have put together a team of Fortnite gamers, 3D designers and developers and started creating experiences with UEFN. We’re passionate about the platform and we believe its potential for brands is still highly underrated.
We have recently launched our first game and received +1000 unique players in a week, without running any sort of marketing. The Fortnite team is working hard on making discoverability better, with search rankings based on player engagement & popularity. This essentially means that if your game is fun, you can attract thousands of players and potentially be featured on the marketplace of Fortnite that has over 240 million monthly players. You can join our first Fortnite game “Space Runner” here. We’re currently building two more games with our client, coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

We’ve been shortlisted as a “metaverse solution to know” by Constellation research!

We’re proud to have been selected for this report on metaverse design & services. Constellation Research is a technology research and advisory firm based in Silicon Valley. Some of the requirements to be selected include “Establish a practice in three or more metaverse development platforms” and “Successfully launch at least 50 brands or enterprises in two or more metaverse worlds”.

Closing thoughts…is the metaverse dead?

Let’s be honest…the term “metaverse” has been damaged by the media and the public interest is far lower than what it was at the same time last year. AI is now taking all the attention and the average Joe seems to have already forgotten about the metaverse. The last 3-5 years have proven how fast technological hype cycles come and go. The speed at which the tech landscape is evolving is impressive and keeping up to date is challenging for everybody.

What is crystal clear to us at Cominted Labs, is that the metaverse is not dead, it just needs a re-branding. While the market decides how to refer to it, we’ll call it the 3D internet.

What is the 3D internet? To us…it is just the evolution of human interaction & digital content consumption. It is the shift from a 2D internet to 3D immersive experiences featuring virtual economies and digital identities. Our belief is that every marketer, business owner or tech enthusiast must be knowledgeable on this topic. Why? Because this is the biggest technological evolution since the smartphone and eventually, every business will need to think about monetization in virtual economies & their communication on immersive platforms.

Critics might say the Metaverse was merely a bubble built on false hopes but today 600m people socialize in virtual worlds, Gen Alpha is more excited about digital outfits on Roblox than real-life toys, billions of dollars are invested from tech giants into the metaverse infrastructure, some virtual influencers are generating 8 figures per year, and more recently the most influential brand of our generation, Apple, has announced their new spatial computer.

On our end, this year we aim to keep providing tremendous value to our clients and partnering with pioneering brands that want to be a the forefront of innovation. If you’re interested in creating your own cutting-edge immersive experience with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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