Cominted kicks off Petaverse Park with Decentraland launch party

Guillaume Chichmanov
June 3, 2022

Cominted Labs hosted an opening party for Petaverse Park in Decentraland, and it was a great success! 150+ pet lovers joined the event throughout the evening with a live performance from Francisca Onyanarte, Richie Hell & GucciToe.

That got us thinking, what are some good use cases for event hosting in the metaverse?

In many ways, the metaverse is an extension of the physical world. The early years of the Internet relied on static web pages to create magical experiences for humans to interact with anyone in the world in a matter of seconds.

The metaverse is so invigorating because it allows interacting with that same level of virtual magic in an environment that more closely resembles our life on Earth.

Businesses, players, creators, and celebrities alike have taken to the metaverse to extend the possibilities of social interaction in virtual realities. Let’s explore a few ways we can

Custom solutions for social networking

Metaverse developers (like Cominted) can cater custom solutions for brands to bring customers and networkers to major platforms like Decentraland.

Because many popular metaverse worlds are open and decentralized, it is quite easy to jump into a platform and customize specific event needs.

For example, if you are throwing a networking event, it might be difficult to create an optimal environment for intros in a cookie-cutter virtual property.

You can request developers to display names and job titles above each avatar or build a bot to greet visitors at the front door with a prompt to answer a few questions about their background.

The possibilities are endless!

B2B metaverse events

The Sandbox and Decentraland are known best for their games, but there is a clear use case for B2B events in the metaverse. An interactive virtual experience enables work-from-homers to communicate and showcase products and services beyond a .pdf and flat computer screen.

Though in its nascent stage, the corporate metaverse is primed to become a multi-billion dollar industry as global brands look to connect an increasingly fragmented workforce.

Metaverse Drop/Launch Parties

Like the successful Petaverse Park launch party, brands can build hype experiences around their latest drop in the metaverse by hosting their most loyal users in a fun, digital arena.

At Cominted, we curated three amazing music artists to throw an awesome Decentraland party and celebrate the launch of a product we have been working hard to release.

Miss the DCL Launch Party but want to hear about the next one? You can follow Petaverse Park on Twitter or jump in on Decentraland.

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