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Why CGI is a Game-Changer for Digital Marketers

Guillaume Chichmanov
March 5, 2024

Do you often get stunned while watching surreal scenes in action movies and video games? That’s all because of the advanced computer-generated imagery or CGI. This technology has proved to be a game-changer for the digital world, taking the level of graphics to the moon. 

With a 5.27% revenue increase, CGI crossed $10.7 billion in December 2023. The reason behind this lucrative profit is the use of CGI in diverse areas, including entertainment, gaming, and advertising industries. You can say it’s a boom for the digital world. 

From creating audience-tailored ads to marketing your products, computer graphics have entirely transformed the traditional way of doing things. However, how can this advanced technology reshape marketing campaigns, and what benefits can you get if you use CGI advertising? Let’s find out the answers in this article below.

What is CGI?

CGI, also known as computer-generated imagery, is nothing but the use of computer software to make astonishing and precise visual content. From static images to dynamic scenes, it encompasses every digital aspect that was quite impossible to achieve through conventional content-producing methods. 

Simply stated, CGI is a beautiful blend of art and technology. Here are some practical applications of CGI that are revolutionizing the digital landscape: 

  • The entertainment industry is the largest user of computer-generated imagery (CGI). From creating various backgrounds to making animations and characters, the filmmakers depend highly on this 3D computer software. 
  • Advertisement agencies and popular marketing companies use CGI to create visually appealing campaigns. They integrate this software to market their products and fulfill business needs. 
  • Highly played video games like Sonic The Hedgehog enhance their graphics and simulations using CGI. This way, almost every game uses this computer software to provide a seamless gaming experience. 

Benefits of Using CGI Advertising

If you look back to the 1950s when computer graphics were used for the first time in the movie ‘’Vertigo’’, you’ll realize how fast this technology has revolutionized digital media. To this date, it has completely reshaped the way advertisers and agency owners run their digital marketing campaigns which resulted in the rise of CGI ads. To understand better, let’s uncover some key benefits of using CGI advertising:  

1. High User Retention 

What could be more satisfying for an advertising agency than high consumer retention and brand awareness? Thanks to computer-generated imagery, brands can easily build trust with their customers. You might ask how? 

Well, computer graphics have made it super easy for marketing companies to showcase their products in a convincing manner. Take Maybelline, for example. They have used the unique concept featuring computer-generated trains to market their Mascara brilliantly. This innovative way of selling cosmetics has gained Maybelline Mascara ad over 2 million views on Instagram alone.  

2. Cost-efficiency 

When producers think of creating an advertisement, the first thing that comes to their mind is budget. Fortunately, CGI advertising has minimized the production cost by providing a completely virtual environment. Compared to traditional filming methods, CGI proves to be highly cost-efficient and time-saving. 

On top of all, this advanced computer technology has eliminated the use of different props, tools, and other elements needed to make an ad. Now, producers can save time and money by avoiding hefty reshoots and frustrating retakes. 

3. Adaptability

Surprisingly, CGI knows no boundaries. It is way ahead of the cultural, religious, and national differences, thus having a universal value. So, any advertising company can use CGI marketing to resonate with diverse audiences globally. The beauty of this technology is it features unparalleled adaptability and can consistently work on all digital platforms. 

Moreover, CGI is simple to integrate and can easily adapt to the changing market trends so you can produce a stunning product by staying up-to-date with the latest market trends. The top-of-the-line benefit of using computer software is it allows marketers to adjust product details according to their localized preferences or cultural elements with high versatility. 

Thus, you can easily create multiple artworks yourself or hire 3D artists to do the job smoothly. 

4. Increases Engagement & Sales 

Do you know that high-quality and eye-catching graphics generate high user engagement? According to a study, 3D marketing companies that use interactive and high-resolution pictures get a 6.5% increase in sales compared to low-quality images. Thus, better graphics enhance overall customer retention and increase product value in the market. Enlisted below are some ways how a CGI commercial can generate more sales: 

  • Create photo realistic depictions of products using advanced computer graphics techniques.
  • Create 3D renderings of products in different styles, colors, and formats. 
  • Produce fully customizable images that are tailored explicitly to your customer needs. 
  • Attracts more customers with visually appealing and stunning content. 

How Do CGI Ads Work?

At this point, you have completely acknowledged the endless potential of CGI marketing and how it can benefit your business. However, you might question ‘’how do CGI ads work’’? Apart from a tech-savvy mind, creating a CGI commercial demands innovation and creativity. Therefore, here is a step-by-step guide on creating precise ads and turning imagination into reality. 

Step #1: Brainstorming Ideas

Ad development begins by planting an idea in your brain. To make a finished product, you need to first start by making a storyline. Ensure the crafted story evokes emotions and can deliver the product message to customers. This way, you can market your product conveniently when you understand your target audience. 

Step #2: 3D Product Visualization 

With the help of 3D modeling and rendering, you can visualize your product and apply different concepts based on the product details. For instance, you can add uniform lightning, remove blurry elements, or create a new composition. Moreover, this allows 3D game developers to create visually stunning graphics with dynamic backgrounds and striking images. 

Step #3: Ad Integration 

It's now time to create the ads using a platform like Meta, snapchat or TikTok. You can hire a performance marketing agency or freelancers on platforms like Upwork to take care of the campaign set up. We also have a packaged offer to guide you through this process.

Step #4: Campaign optimization

Activate your advertising campaign and start optimizing them, by testing different audiences, adjusting budget and scaling it as you see positive results.

Advantages of CGI for Marketers 

When it comes to marketing products, we all want spotless footage and perfect shots that captivate the viewers. Computer-generated imagery lets you create photorealistic designs that leave a long-lasting impression in front of the public. It is the magical go-to tool for marketers, designers, and 3D game artists, helping individuals enhance their creativity and art. Besides, here are some advantages of CGI for marketing companies and advertisers: 

1. Increases Productivity  

With computer-generated imagery, you can handle all tasks at your work desk. This saves the marketers from rescheduled shoots or the hassle of traveling long distances to capture the much-needed candid image. Thanks to CGI, marketing agencies can now build multiple variants of products without worrying about ad material, space, and time. Thus, computer graphics increases productivity and helps create more products quickly. 

2. Re-use and Re-purpose 

The spectacular thing about CGI is that you can use the produced content for years and years. By making a few adjustments to the existing images or videos, you can renew your product and thus save the time required to make the product from scratch. For instance, you can re-purpose the already-produced photos by applying a different color scheme or changing the format and style. 

3. High Compatibility  

Another great advantage of CGI marketing is its high adaptability to different mediums. It provides marketers the comfort of creating and promoting multi-channels. Moreover, compatibility with other devices increases user interaction and brings more people to access your product. Similarly, the audience can have the same experience no matter their device. 

Promote your Products with Cominted Labs 

With the rise in CGI marketing and advertising, promoting products or services in the digital world has become super easy. You can hook up your audience with CGI or AR ads on social media platforms. Doing all this work yourself can cost you time and energy. Besides, you also need strong experience and industry knowledge of product marketing. 

Therefore, Cominted Labs is here for your help. We assist brands to promote their products with immersive experiences and, hence, provide ultimate solutions. The best thing is that our pricing is affordable and within your budget. You can start your collaboration by submitting a brief description of your project, and the CGI experts will do the rest of the work. 

We have recently published an article on how to create a CGI video. Review this tutorial for a step by step guide on the design process. 

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