The future of immersive commerce with 3D technology and AI

Guillaume Chichmanov
August 30, 2023

Online shopping has come a long way since the early days of basic product photos and text descriptions. Today, 3D technology and artificial intelligence are taking e-commerce to the next level with immersive, interactive experiences that mimic brick-and-mortar stores. In this post, we’ll explore the exciting possibilities for the future of immersive commerce and how retailers can leverage 3D and AI to engage customers and drive sales.

What is Immersive Commerce?

Immersive commerce refers to shopping experiences that are enhanced with 3D, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and other technologies to make the customer feel like they’re interacting with products in real life. Rather than relying on 2D photos and static descriptions, immersive commerce allows shoppers to:

– View photorealistic 3D models from all angles

– Place items in AR environments to see how they fit

– Interact with products using VR headsets

– Get advice from AI-powered virtual assistants

This level of interactivity helps mimic an in-store browsing experience online. Early adopters of immersive commerce like IKEA and Wayfair have seen increased engagement and conversion rates.

Benefits of 3D for Ecommerce

One of the key technologies driving immersive commerce is 3D product modeling. Using photogrammetry or 3D design software, retailers can create digital 3D models of their products. Displaying products in 3D has many benefits:

– Allows customers to inspect products from all angles and perspectives

– Creates a consistent brand experience across channels

– Reduces returns by giving customers better visualization

– Builds trust by minimizing gap between digital and physical products

– Enables features like AR/VR that aren’t possible with 2D images

According to one survey, 52% of shoppers say the ability to visualize products in 3D would make them more likely to purchase online. IKEA, in particular, has seen online sales surge since adding 3D models to its product pages.

AI Sales Assistants Are the Future

Another key component of immersive commerce is AI-powered sales assistants. Chatbots and virtual avatars equipped with natural language processing can have intelligent conversations to engage customers and mimic real sales reps.

For example, clothing brand DigitalFit uses an AI assistant named Daisy to get customers’ exact measurements and fit preferences just by chatting. This ensures better recommendations and less returns.

AI assistants never sleep, so they can engage customers 24/7. And they can be programmed with specialized product knowledge that human staff may lack. Over time, AI assistants learn customers’ tastes to deliver personalized recommendations at scale.

Check out this video demo we did of a 3D product for a Audi showroom with with AI assistant.

In this demo, the AI assistant greets customers, asks questions about needs, and makes product recommendations tailored to the customer. The 3D environment brings the experience closer to an in-store visit. Disclaimer: this video is for demo purposes only, and we did not make an official partnership with Audi.

Key Takeaways for Retailers

Immersive commerce presents exciting opportunities for retailers to blend the convenience of online shopping with the interactive elements of in-store browsing. Here are some key takeaways for retailers looking to stay ahead of the curve:

– Invest in 3D models and AR/VR technology to let customers visually interact with products

– Consider AI virtual assistants to engage customers 24/7 and mimic sales reps

– Focus on hyper-realistic environments like virtual showrooms that blend 3D, AR, VR and AI

– Use data and AI to provide personalized recommendations and tailored customer experiences

– Promote immersive elements like 3D previews and AI assistants on product pages

– Continue innovating to find new ways to digitally replicate the physical shopping experience

The future of commerce will be immersive. Retailers who embrace interactive 3D product experiences and the power of AI will deliver the next generation of online shopping and have a competitive edge. The time to start exploring immersive technologies is now.

Our team at Cominted Labs can help you create a 3D showroom with a virtual AI avatar that can close deals for you 24/7! Reach out to our team here to get started!

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