Cominted Update: Market Trends, Fortnite & Spatial Shift Launch

Guillaume Chichmanov
October 5, 2023

Hello friends,

We hope you had an amazing September full of positive experiences and meaningful connections ✨

This monthly update aims to provide you with insights into our work and the metaverse landscape. We’ll cover key milestones, event highlights, new offerings, and industry trends. Our goal is to keep you well-informed so you can stay ahead of the curve!

Thank you for being part of our community! We value our relationship with you and are committed to building an inclusive future together in the metaverse.

Now, let’s dive into the key updates from September 2023.

Unreal Fest ’23

The Cominted Labs team attended Unreal Fest in New Orleans this month!

It was an incredible event bringing together over 2,000 creators & developers passionate about the Epic Games Ecosystem. We met some amazing founders and made valuable connections that will drive our mission forward!

The conference started with a very powerful & authentic speech from the CEO of Epic Games, discussing the current financial situation of the company, sharing more context on the recent layoffs as well as emphasising on their ambition to further support creators in the Fortnite creative ecosystem.

Our New Offer “Unlimited 3D”

Last month we launched our new subscription service – “Unlimited 3D”

For a fixed monthly rate, we provide you with a dedicated 3D team to help build your metaverse or gaming project.

This subscription gives you access to a full-time team of project manager, 3D animators & modelers.

You can learn more about the offer here

News from “The Lab”

“The Lab”, is Cominted’s venture studio, where we build our own metaverse products & experiences. The Lab’s initiatives allow us to stay on top of the latest trends & better serve our clients with innovative solutions & services.

This month we’re thrilled to introduce two new projects we’ve been working on:

Launch of “The Spatial Shift” Newsletter

A 5 minute weekly read to stay up-to-date on emerging tech and the metaverse that we’ll be publishing every week.

Join over 1,000 other tech enthusiasts who subscribe to our newsletter for insights delivered to their inbox each week.

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Our New Fortnite Game

We recently launched “SHAMANS” – an epic battle set in a deserted ghost town of abandoned luxury mansions within Fortnite.

This game is inspired by a real-life ghost town located around the hills of Shenyang in China. Map Code: 0982-6598-3655

Launched a few days ago, the game has already generated over 2,000 in lifetime plays, with an average of 8 minutes played per session!

Fortnite presents an amazing opportunity for brands and IP owners to reach and engage with a wide gamer audience.

We will be launching new games every month, and share the progress!

Get in touch if you’re interested in collaborating!

The Metaverse Market Sentiment

Is the metaverse cool again? Judging by the enthusiastic reaction to Mark Zuckerberg’s latest interview unveiling codec avatars, it seems immersive communication could be a game-changer.

At Unreal Fest, the “metaverse” term was mentioned frequently by Epic Games leadership. They recently had to restructure their team to realign with their creator-focused/UGC vision.

The momentum is clearly building, which presents huge opportunities for first-movers. Let’s connect to discuss how we can help you capitalize.

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